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Sound clip added for Savoy-Lease Arrhythmia

I just uploaded the first 1:11 of Savoy-Lease Arrhythmia, which I composed in 1998 for jazz combo.  Specifically, I used piano, bass, saxophone, and conga drums.

I think it has one of the best grooves I’ve composed and I like its type of tonality.  Take a listen!

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Listening: Mahna, Mahna

Every once in a while, you need to distract your toddler long enough for a diaper change or to get some food in him.  I use YouTube on occasion and this song is one of my son’s favorites.

Besides being ridiculously catchy, it also is a nice introduction to jazz improvisation.  It strikes a little close to home because it depicts how I feel often when I’m improving live.

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Listening: La Boheme

I’m currently on an opera junket and finding Puccini arias to be sublime. Opera can be daunting to many, and to those I say Puccini is a great starting point. Melodic and compelling, his operas have a dramatic arc that is more familiar and less bizarre to modern audiences than much of the opera canon.

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